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Wärtsilä Powerplant
on Caribbean Island

Exhaust Pipes

Deerberg Incinerator Unit
for New Building

Sandfilter for
Desalination Plant

Osmotec Reverse
Osmosis Plant

Pump Station for
Marioff Sprinkler System


Intec certified technicians are capable of repairing and renewing pipes under the most demanding conditions. Additionally, our service includes new installation and repair of AC-units, heat exchangers, boilers and custom fabrication of ductwork.

We are prepared to submit thorough quotations for installation jobs including all types of machinery and equipment. Additionally, we are able to do the complete layout of piping and electrical installation associated with our installations. Such a service provides efficiency for our customers who no longer need to obtain numerous bids and coordinate two contractors for one installation job. Moreover, our technicians are available on short notice to work throughout the world at sea, during dry-dock or on land.

Our team is experienced in the fabrication of steel structures for deck extensions, the installation of satellites for communication and the refurbishing and upgrading HVAC equipment.

Our service and quality on projects like the installation of various equipment on board cruise vessels, such as incinerators, sprinkler systems, galleys, desalination plants, sewage treatment plants and auxiliary engines has allowed us to work with and for major companies servicing the cruise industry.

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